Stefano Zanini

Vollständiges Profil des Künstlers

Traditionally, the wording‚ still life‚ dead nature in Italian, refers to the representation of animate and inanimate elements taken out of their natural context and arranged in an arbitrary way by human hand. However, this is a purely aesthetic and artistic concept.
The hypothesis of the death of nature, or of its definite disappearance, points to a similarly hypothetical idea of absence, of absolute emptiness and infinity, something that we know does not exist and has never existed: the nothingness. Human intervention on nature, to obtain profit and power, produces the devastation of the environment: many species disappear, places become hostile and repulsive, and mankind is forced to abandon them. What remains of that natural environment cannot be touched, eaten, or used, as it is polluted and corrupted. Of that now unapproachable nature we are left with the shapes in their objective beauty, to warn us of human folly and greed.